"...world class educators inspire them... and strengthen their determination to bring back new strategies."


The Amatz Initiative brings principals to Eretz Yisroel on a week long mission. Removed from their usual distractions and drawn into the holiness of the land, world class educators inspire them with thought-provoking classes, providing the venue to introspect, brainstorm, and strengthen their determination to bring back new strategies. Upon conclusion of the mission, the principals are highly motivated to bring their teachers on board to join our fellowship.

We provide follow-up opportunities for professional development including workshops, guest lecturers, webinars and summer retreats.

We are honored to be developing our upcoming Nishmas Chaya Sheish Mitzvos Curriculum. This will be a user-friendly curriculum comprised of practical guides and interactive, engaging strategies encompassing PBL (Project-based learning) techniques. Our greatest hope is that this will inspire frum high school girls to recognize, build and strengthen their relationships with themselves, each other and most importantly, their relationship with Hashem.