Summer Retreat 2019 – Complete Package


This package includes all 11 classes from the Amatz Summer Retreat 2019:

  1. Expanding Choices by Expanding Knowledge with Mrs. Yael Kaisman

  2. You Are The Programmer with Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg

  3. Divrei Hisororus with Rabbi Binyomin Eisenberger

  4. The Simple Complexity of Bechira with Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

  5. The Paradigm Shift: Survivor Vs. Creator with Mrs. Esther Wein

  6. The Five Most Important Principles of Education with Rabbi YY Jacobson

  7. Teachers Workshop: So Now What? with Rebbetzin Miriam Feldman

  8. Rediscovering the Real Me:The Unique Role of Bechira in the Teshuva Process with Rabbi Eytan Feiner

  9. Defining Life: Our Students Greatest Mission with Mrs. Chani Juravel

  10. Discover the Tefillas Haderech for Life with Rabbi Yonason Shippel

  11. Who Should We Really Believe In? with Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser